Mobile-friendly web design

Sales of smartphones are still soaring. Data traffic now rivals voice traffic. Is your site helping you take advantage of these trends? Google recently reported that 250,000 Google Android phones are being activated every day. Another report on SmartPhone use shows that data traffic now exceeds voice traffic over mobile phones. The trends are clear.Are you reaching the mobile market?

Are you poised to take advantage of these trends?

We can help you by making your site mobile friendly. Our process is reliable and inexpensive.

By modifying and reworking your existing design assets and other content to make them mobile compliant, and revising your navigation and pages as needed to reflect audience needs, you can quickly and effectively meet the needs of this huge audience.

Are you potentially losing business because you’re not acting on these trends?

Does your website take too long to load. Are the pages top-loaded with navigation – forcing users to scroll way down just to see the content? Is the text too small to be viewed on a mobile phone? Are you using Flash or complicated scripts that mobile phones don’t support? Do your Analytics reports show a high bounce rate for mobile visitors?

Not only will you be improving the user experience for your visitors, you’ll be opening up a whole new channel that will enable you to create audience-specific offerings and improve sales.


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