Author: Rhys Parry

Digital entrepreneur, early adopter, tinkerer, and helper.

New Technology Concepts – Using a Graph Database for a Data Warehouse

It’s often the case that I find myself spending a good deal of time helping clients with projects to measure and  analyze their businesses that I end up neglecting some activities where the benefit is not immediately measurable. Attending industry seminars is one of those activities so I’m glad that I forced myself to take the time to attend TDWI’s Minneapolis meeting in December.

Dan Bennett of Thomson Reuters at TDWI, January 2017
Dan Bennett of Thomson Reuters discusses their use of graph databases at TDWI, January 2017

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The Basics – Getting Started With a Website

People who’ve worked with me know that I am a big enthusiast of all things digital – marketing, messaging, mobile. I’m especially enthusiastic when it comes to starting and running a new business.

Now is just a fantastic time in history to be in business for yourself. The barriers to entry are low, the tools that everyone has available at very low cost are amazing, and the ability to market yourself to the entire world has never been easier.
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LinkedIn is a Cocktail Party, Not a Rolodex

You’re invited to a cocktail party but when you arrive, you’re shown into an empty room and asked to sit there by yourself.  Almost immediately after arriving, you ask your hostess who else is there.

“Who are you looking for?”, she replies.

“I don’t know. Who else did you invite?”

“Can’t tell you that. Let me know who you’re looking for and I’ll let you know if they’re here.”

What? Would you stay?  I didn’t think so.
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Keeping It Real. How to get the most out of SEO

It seems as though no sooner have I completed a website redesign for a client that their thoughts turn to search rankings.  They may ask the question is a variety of ways and with varying degrees of sophistication but the one thing they all want to know is “How do I get listed on the first page of Google results?”. The flippant answer is you need a staff of 10 and a million dollar budget.
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